PointStreamer Beta Features

PointStreamer Beta is only the beginning! Here is a list of all the features you can try out today:

  • Record the Kinect's raw depth, RGB, and audio data plus skeleton tracking data
  • Save the recording in the compressed PointStreamer format
  • Play back PointStreams and view them as a 3D rendering from any angle using a virtual camera
  • Move the virtual camera around in 3D as you watch recordings
  • Apply effects such as depth of field, background removal, and rendering style

What's missing? Let us know!

PointStreamer SDK

If you're a developer and you want to take advantage of some of the capabilities that PointStreamer has, contact support to ask about how to get access to the PointStreamer SDK. The PointStreamer SDK lets you integrate the capture, processing, and rendering features of PointStreamer into your own application and experience.